Time Trips,Black Holes and Relativity

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Welcome to my World



I'm going to introduce you to the world of the Relativity, and Time Travels.
Be carefully with my Links.

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Kerr's Black Hole

What is Time?

Other Time Machines

Measuring Time


Does Time Really Exist

Schwarzschild Wormholes

Newton's Universal Time

Traversable Wormholes

Einstein's Relative Time

The Time Machine

Special Relativity


General Relativity

Causality and Paradox

Traveling in Time

Chronology Protection Conjecture

Traveling to the Future

Parallel or Alternate Timelines

Very Fast Speeds

The End of Time

Very Strong Gravity


Traveling to the Past

Usefull Things

Black Holes


Schwarzschild's Black Hole




"Viajes en el Tiempo"  (in Spanish)

Sergio Paoli An interesting link about everything

Gustavo Baume A compilation about "Back To The Future", and Movies, books and other thing relative To Time Travels...

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